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Workplace Safety Traning For Safe Production

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Workplace Safety Traning For Safe Production

As an enterprise with 400 employees, safety in production is an aspect that needs attention all the time. New King Cable pays more attention to the development of employees and the personal safety of employees, because we are a caring company.

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Employees consciously participate in safety training, attend the conference seriously, learn safety knowledge, browse error cases, and take warning in the future production process .The company pays attention to safety in production, and employees pay attention to personal safety issues, so that production can be efficient and safe.

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After listening to the useful theoretical knowledge, the employees practiced it, conducted a safe escape drill, and escaped the scene without rushing. Everyone was very proficient, because we conduct a simulation drill every year. I believe that when we encounter a dangerous situation, we will definitely face it calmly.

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Throughout the year, we will organize a lot of collective activities to gather unity, these activities make us unite and help each other like family. Organized and disciplined are the characteristics of our business, which is also the reason for our success.

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