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Why You Need A RG59 Siamese Cable For Security Cameras?

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Why You Need A RG59 Siamese Cable For Security Cameras?

Security cameras are very common video surveillance equipment nowadays whether for home use or commercial use. What cable is suitable for security cameras? One of the best options should be RG59 Siamese cables. Many people know what a RG59 cable is as it is a well-known kind of coaxial cable used for CCTV system. So what is a RG59 Siamese cable? Why is it one of the best cables for security cameras? Read on and you will find out more!

What Is Siamese Cable?

Siamese cable is a cable that separately contains a power and a coaxial cable. It is made to carry both power and video signals. The separation of the power cable and coaxial cable aims to prevent video transmission from interfering with power supply to security cameras. Generally, siamese cables use BNC connectors for video signals and DC ports for power. Siamese cable is considered to be one of the most ideal and popular cable for security cameras on the market.

What Is A RG59 Siamese Cable?

RG59 Siamese cable is a RG59 coax cable attached with two power cables. The RG59 coaxial cable delivers video signal from cameras to computer, DVR, or other display devices. Two single insulated powers wire offer electrical power to the security cameras. The Siamese cable usually transmits analog video signals for HD security cameras. RG59 Siamese cables belong to the type of coax Siamese cable, sometimes called Bulk cables.


Unlike normal RG59 coaxial cables, RG59 Siamese coaxial cable uses a 20-gauge conductor of solid copper. You can run RG59 Siamese cable at the distance of up to 600 feet for most indoor applications. Using just one cable, video signals and power can be transmitted at the same time without interfering each other. This is one of the biggest advantages using a RG59 Siamese cable for CCTV installation.

RG59 Siamese Cable:

RG59 Siamese Cable

New King Packing RG59 Siamese Cables at the Factory

RG59 Siamese Cables Applications

The RG59 siamese cable enjoys a wide range of applications as follow:

· RF Signal Transmission(Video)

· Cable TV

· CCTV (HD, Digital, etc)

· LAN Network

· DVR With Coaxial Output

· Monitor VDT Display

What Is RG59 Siamese Cable Connector?


For the connector, the more popular one is twist-on BNC connector. With simple tools, you can easily install by yourself, which saves your money and time.


Generally, RG59 Siamese cable is not designated to run outdoor or be used for burial. If you want to install them for outdoor applications, you need to buy the version specially for outdoor. We are experienced in manufacturing custom cables upon clients’ requirements. Outdoor RG59 Siamese cable is also available. Please contact us to know more details.

rg59 Siamese cable connector

Is RG59 Siamese Cable Outdoor Friendly?

Is you intend to install RG59 Siamese cables for outdoor applications, you will need RG59 Siamese  Direct Burial/Outdoor Cable. Its thicker outer jacket and center conductor can withstand most weather threats like rains and heat, as well as carrying signals at a high level.

What Is RG6 Siamese Coaxial Cable?

RG6 Siamese coaxial cable is mainly used for CCTV cameras, which is a cable with a similiar construction of RG59 Siamese cable. It has a better shield, thicker outer jacket and heavier conductor so its transmission speed is faster. However, compared to RG59 Siamese cable, RG6 Siamese coaxial cable is more expensive. If you simply wire up your home security cameras, RG59 Siamese coaxial cable is a more cost-effective option.

RG59 Siamese Cable Vs RG6 Coaxial Cable For Security Cameras

RG6 coax cable also has a thick copper conductor that can deal with video signals of higher frequency with less interference. However, this doesn’t mean that RG6 coax cable is perfectly suitable for CCTV cameras. RG6 coax cable is usually used for satellite TV, Cable TV, or Internet. If you insist on using it for security cameras, the video probably get distorted. Therefore, it is recommended to use RG59 Siamese rather than RG6 cable.

RG6 Cable

RG6 Cable


RG59 Siamese Cable Vs CAT5E Cable For Security Cameras

CAT5E is known as an Ethernet cable. With a RJ45 connector, it can connect your computer to your router. CAT5E consists of 4 pairs of insulated copper wire twisted together. Each pair of copper wires do different jobs, as one of them transmits data while the other deliver power. Therefore, CAT5E doesn’t have an extra cable for power like RG59 Siamese cable. It also transmits both video signals and power over just one independent cable.


For CCTV system, CAT5E is perfectly compatible with IP cameras. But you can still install CAT5E for analog HD security cameras by using a video baluns. Compared to RG59 Siamese cable, CAT5E can run longer distance. Moreover, if you prefer to use conduit for the wiring, it is easier to run CAT5E for it is thinner. For the video quality, I could say there is no big obvious difference as they both offer great video. However, sometimes CAT5E can cause some picture issue like ghosting. RG59 Siamese cable is still the ideal choice to offer you stable picture.

Rg59 Siamese Cable vs CAT5E

CAT5E Cable



Nowadays, RG59 Siamese cable is more commonly used for most HD security cameras system due to its excellent performance.

As a professional cable manufacturer, New King offers you high quality products and considerate service. In addition, custom cable is available upon your request! 

Our RG59 Siamese Cables with Different Packages:

RG59 Siamese cables

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