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Why Coaxial Cable Insulation Is Important?

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Why Coaxial Cable Insulation Is Important?

What Is Coaxial Cable Used For?

Coaxial cable is a type of electric cable carrying signals and data at low loss . There are several coaxial cable types like RG6, RG59, RG11, etc.


RG6 and RG11 are usually used to deliver video signals for high-frequency applications like CATV, satellite TV, etc. RG59 is ideal for analog video signals of lower-frequency devices like CCTV.


coaxial cable insulation

Coaxial Cable Construction


A coaxial cable consists of four parts: Conductor, Dielectric, Shielding, and Jacket. The central copper conductor is surrounded by a dielectric. The aluminum foil and braided mesh  cover the central conductor and dielectric as shielding. And the jacket is the outermost part protecting the inner components of the cable.



What Is Cable Insulation?

What does insulation mean in a cable? Insulation is a material resisting the electrical current. It often refers to dielectric in a cable.

When you strip a coaxial cable, you will see a layer of white plastic surrounding the conductor. And the white plastic is the insulation.


Not all cable insulation is the same. There are some different types of cable insulation according to their material. Plastic types insulation is one of the most common insulation for electric cables and wires.


coaxial cable insulation

What Is the Material of Coaxial Cable Insulation?

PE and PVC are two of the most common coaxial cable insulation materials. Many coaxial cable manufacturers prefer foaming PVC rather than PE. Why?


Generally, the foaming material aims to make cables lighter and strengthen the thermal insulation and interference resistance. So cable manufacturers can lower the material cost.


However, using foaming PVC for coaxial cable is to reduce dielectric constant to achieve the high speed for signal transmission. The dielectric constant is an important data of insulation property in a cable. The transmission speed of signal in dielectric material will decline as dielectric constant increases. Therefore, the dielectric constant must be reduced to reach the high transmission speed.


coaxial cable insulation

How Is Coaxial Cable Insulation Made at New King Factory

What Is the Function of Coaxial Cable Insulation?

Why is insulation important to coaxial cable? The reasons can fall into two aspects.


1. Ensure Safety

The coaxial cable insulation can isolate the copper conductor from contact with water, air, or other stuff. This protection can prevent the conductor from getting damp and mechanical damage. If the insulation layer gets destroyed, the central copper will be exposed to the air. Then there will be a danger of electric shock when you touch cable’s conductor by chance.


2. Prevent Signal Leakage

First of all, what is signal leakage in a cable? Signal leakage means the loss of RF signals when the cable cannot contains signals. When signal leakage occurs, it results in interference affecting signal quality.


Coaxial cables have an insulation layer to surround the central copper wire, preventing signals from escaping the cable. Besides, cable insulation is a non-conductive material. It can effectively prevent the external signals from entering inside the cable to maintain good signal quality.


The thickness of the insulation is not the same. It depends on the size of the central conductor. For example, RG11 has a larger copper conductor than RG6. So RG11 has thicker insulation, carrying signals of higher frequency and better quality.




Insulation has played an essential role in a coaxial cable. If the insulation of your coax cables is broken, please do not use it anymore. You should buy a new one to ensure safety and signal quality.


Where can you buy high-quality coaxial cables? New King is your best choice!


We are a professional coaxial cable manufacturer with more than 30-year experience. With an excellent manufacturing team and advanced equipment, we always ensure superior quality and stable output for customers.

Different types of coaxial cables are available like RG6, RG59, RG11, tri-shield, quad shield, etc. If you are looking for coax cables, do not hesitate to contact us  at

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