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Which Ethernet Cable Is Better: UTP Vs STP Cables

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Which Ethernet Cable Is Better: UTP Vs STP Cables

UTP and STP are two common types of twisted-pair cables used for delivering data in netwokring. Many people find it difficult to choose between these two cables when they buy Ethernet cables. Indeed, if you lack enough knowledge about the network cable, you may make the wrong decision. To find out the main difference between UTP and STP cables, please read the following article. Hopefully, you will grasp everything about UTP vs STP.


What Is UTP Cable?

UTP cable stands for unshielded twisted-pair cables, which is the basic type of transmission medium used for Ethernet connection and telecommunication.


A UTP cable consists of two separate insulated copper wires that are twisted together. As its full name implies, UTP cables don’t contain the shielding to prevent interference. But they can still reduce EMI through the twisted design.



What Is STP Cable?

STP cable means shielded twisted-pair cables, which is a better version of Ethernet cables for higher-speed data transmission.


In comparison with UTP, STP cable has an additional shielding that covers each pair of insulated copper wires. The shielding is a braided metal mesh that helps protect the cable against noise and crosstalk. 

STP CAT5 Cable:


STP CAT5e Cable:

stp cat5e cable

Pros and Cons of UTP and STP Cables

UTP and STP cables are two primary cable types of Ethernet connection. They also come in different categories, such as UTP CAT5, UTP CAT5E, UTP CAT6, STP CAT5E, STP CAT6, etc. UTP CAT5 cable is the most common type of network cabling. Which one of them should you use and when should you use? In order to ensure the two Ethernet cables can work well in the right situation, you need to learn about the pros and cons of UTP and STP cables first.

utp vs stp cable

Benefits of UTP Cables

1. First of all, UTP cables are much easier to install and look after. As they don’t have shielding, they are thinner than STP cables. Besides, UTP cables don't need grounding. So you can install the cables in a simple way and in some narrow places of your homes or offices. Inversely, STP cables have the functional shielding but which is fragile and easy to get damages. What’s more, you have to hire a technician to repair the STP cables in a special way once they are broken. Therefore, using UTP cables can save much time and cost for the maintenance.


2. Secondly, UTP cables always feature great flexibility. UTP cables are relatively lighter than STP cables. On the one hand, it will be easier to move, install, and take care of the cables. On the other hand, UTP cables are an ideal option for limited areas like homes, offices and other indoor applications.


3. Then, UTP cables have a lower cost. Indeed, they are much cheaper than STP cables. Besides, you will save money on the installation and maintenance for UTP cables are thinner and lighter.

Disadvantages of UTP Cables

UTP cables transmit data at a rather slow date rate compared to STP cables. If you are going to wire numerous electrical devices, UTP cables are not the best choice to meet that requirements.


UTP cables

Benefits of STP Cables

1. Firstly, STP cables have additional shielding that can effectively prevent interference. The shielding can block the interference from other devices on time to ensure stable data transmission. So STP cables are suitable for improving the data transmission quality, especially in some large facilities and buildings. 


2. Secondly, STP cables are capable of reducing crosstalk if you install and maintain them properly. With the unique cable construction, STP cables can prevent the signal from traveling through the shielding and entering into other wires. Therefore, for some large enterprises or buildings with a great many network devices, STP cables can offer a better performance of handling crosstalk.

Disadvantage of STP Cables

1.STP cables lack flexibility because they are thicker than UTP cables. It is not so easy to install STP cables in the narrow space. In addition, STP cables require grounding. If you ground the cables in a wrong way, their ability of anti-interference will be greatly affected.

2. STP cables have such excellent performance in reducing interference due to the extra shielding. However, the shielding is comparatively fragile. You need to spend more time maintaining the cable to make sure they can work appropriately. If something goes wrong, you need to pay for a professional to fix them.

3. STP cables are more expensive than UTP cables. If you want to save money on the project, you'd better go for UTP cables.

STP CAT6 Cable:

STP cables

UTP Vs STP When to Use?

When should you use UTP cables or STP cables? Some key difference between UTP and STP cables can help you make the right choice.

UTP Vs STP: Cost & Application

1. UTP cables are mainly used in homes and offices for they are more affordable than STP cables. If you don’t have high demands on less interference or crosstalk, UTP cables are your best bet for saving your money. And there is one thing you should be aware of. If you want your UTP cables to perform better, you’d better install UTP cables at the areas with less magnet, which will affect the data transmission. Electromagnetic interference often comes from electrical devices. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid installing UTP cables next to electrical devices. Before installation, it is necessary to examine the place if it is good for your UTP cables.

2. STP cables are usually used in large buildings or somewhere with many electrical equipment that causes EMI. In places like hospitals, factories, enterprises, airports, etc, STP cables can reduce the interference and crosstalk resulting from numerous devices.



STP vs UTP CAT6 cable

Outdoor STP CAT6 Cable


UTP Vs STP: Performance

UTP vs STP Cables

Data Rate





Transmission Distance

UTP Cables





Relatively Low


STP Cables







How we test UTP Cable:

UTP Vs STP For Outdoor Use

Additionally, STP cables are available in outdoor use. Many people use STP cables to wire outdoor security cameras. On one side, the video signals can prevent the interference produced by other devices. On the other side, STP cables can protect the CCTV system from criminals’ interruption.


UTP Vs STP: Is STP Better Than UTP?

A right network cable is so critical that it can ensure stable and efficient network performance. You need to learn about what UTP and STP cables are before purchasing the cables. If you want to save costs on network wiring, you can go for UTP. But if you prefer a superior performance, STP cables can suit all your needs.

How we pack UTP CAT6 Cables:


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How we pack Ethernet Cables:

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