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When Should You Buy RG11 Cable?

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When Should You Buy RG11 Cable?

Coaxial cables basically fall into three main kinds - RG6, RG59, and RG11 cable. You may be familiar with the first two cables as they are commonly and widely used in your house. RG6 cable is mostly used for satellite TV and RG59 cable works perfectly with your CCTV system. How about RG11 cable? It seems that RG11 is seldom used in our life. Is that true? To answer this question, we have given a complete guideline of an RG11 cable. 


RG11 Cable Specifications

As one of the coaxial cable types, RG11 cable has a similar construction to RG6 and RG59 cable. It consists of a copper center conductor, a dielectric, a shield, and an outer jacket. One of the biggest differences between the RG11 cable and the other two coax cables lies in thickness. Whether the center conductor, insulation, or shielding, RG11 cable are much thicker. For more specific information you can check out the list below.






Material: Copper Clad Steel or Solid Copper

Diameter: 1.63mm



Material: PE

Diameter: 7.11mm



Material: Aluminum Foil + Aluminum-magnesium Braid

Density: 61%

Impedance: 75 Ohm

Max Voltage: 4000Vrms


What Is RG11 Cable Used For?

RG11 Coax Cables are usually used for high-frequency and large-bandwidth signal transmission at a long distance. It often serves as the mainline in CATV, satellite systems, CCTV systems, etc.


Particularly, RG11 cables are more used for outdoor, direct burial, and long-distance installation for their super thickness. Bending an RG11 cable is a bit difficult so in most cases it is not suitable for limited indoor areas. Inversely, RG11 cables are ideal for long-distance and straight-line installation in large enterprises or buildings. 

RG11 cable


RG11 Maximum Distance For Transmission

Coaxial cable’s shields are designated to prevent electromagnetic interference. Because of its thicker conductor and shielding, an RG11 cable delivers signals at a low attenuation level. Therefore, it can transmit signals at a longer distance of 1100m. 


RG6 Vs RG11: What is the best coaxial cable for TV?

For general TV for home use, RG6 is a better choice than RG11. Although it is thinner, it is easy to move and bend for the installation. In addition, the RG6 cable is capable of transmitting high-frequency signals in the television system. If you have an HDTV, to ensure picture and signal quality, you might choose to use RG11. It is better at resisting interference and reducing attenuation.



RG11 Connectors

The type of connector for RG11 is an F-type connector that is also compatible with the RG6 cable. But you can't directly use RG6’s for RG11 cable because the size of the connector is different. As the RG11 cable is thicker, it often uses a larger-size F-type connector.


RG11 connector


Where To Buy RG11 Cable

New King is a professional cable manufacturer, offering different versions of RG11 cables for sale: RG11 standard, RG11 Tri-shield, RG11 quad shield, and RG11+M. We also provide OEM service for developing our clients’ brands. 

where to buy rg11 cable
braiding machine

loading coaxial cables

For more information about our products and services, please directly contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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