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What Is the Best Coaxial Cable For CCTV Camera

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What Is the Best Coaxial Cable For CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are a very common kind of electronic device that you can find in every public or interior place. They are often used to ensure safety for people and deal with the emergency. Therefore, many homeowners install CCTV cameras for their homes, too. However, choosing the right cable for this device never comes easy. As we all know, coaxial cables are the most common electric cables used for CCTV cameras. But which is the best coaxial cable for CCTV? Let New King explain everything to you.


Generally, there are three types of coaxial cables that are popular on the market: RG6, RG59, and RG11. All these three coaxial cables have the same construction. 


A copper conductor, foam insulation, two layers of shielding including an aluminum foil and braided mesh, and a PVC sheath. The biggest difference between the three lies in the thickness of their center conductor. 


RG6 cable: 20-Awg Copper Wire

RG59 cable: 20-Awg Copper Wire

RG11 cable: 14-Awg Copper Wire


RG11 has the thickest center conductor as well as the shielding. It is not so suitable for CCTV installation because it is too thick to move and take turns. Although it has better signal quality, you will need to pay a higher cost for it. For this reason, most people would make their choices between RG6 and RG59.


RG6 vs RG59: Which Is the Best Coaxial Cable For CCTV Cameras?


cable for CCTV cameras

Compared to RG59, RG6 cables have thicker insulation and shielding. So they can deal with signals of higher frequency and ensure better signal quality. What’s more, they can carry signals for a longer distance. Therefore, RG6 cables are usually used in larger spaces like the police station, government, etc.


Compared to RG6, RG59 cables are thinner and they can handle well analog video signals. Besides, RG59 is the most common cable for CCTV installation for its excellent performance and lower price. Generally, RG59 cables are used in offices, buildings, houses, etc.


Which CCTV Cable to Buy?


It depends on your actual requirements. If you want to install the CCTV system of analog signals, RG59 will be a cost-effective option. But if you prefer to use HD CCTV, RG6 will be more capable of carrying video signals of higher frequency.


What Is Siamese Cable?


When you search CCTV cable online, you must have seen RG6 Siamese cable or RG59 Siamese cable. What do they mean?

 cable for cctv camera


RG6/RG59 Siamese cable is an RG6/RG59 cable plus a power cable that offers direct current supply. They are also known as RG6+2DC and RG59+2DC. DC stands for direct current. The installer can use only one single cable to run both video and powder to CCTC cameras. These two special versions make CCTV installation easier. Therefore, more and more people prefer to buy RG6+2DC or RG59+2DC rather than single RG6 and RG59.


Where to Buy Cable For CCTV Cameras?

CCTV cable manufacturer


If you want to find the solution for your CCTV cameras, you are on the right page! New King is a professional coaxial cable manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We sell all kinds of coaxial cables and electric cables to clients from all over the world. For CCTV cameras, we can offer you high-quality RG59+2DC and RG6+2DC cables. If you have requirements for custom products, we will also make them for you according to your demands.


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