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How We Make

How We Make


Production Line of Insulation Foaming 

Semi-finished Coaxial Cable With High-speed Brading

Finished RG6 Coaxial Cable Roll in Black Jacket

Finished Network Cable Roll of Different Color

Finished Coaxial Cables in Warehouse

Finished CAT6 Cables in Different Colors

RG6 in White PVC Jacke with Green Stripe on Both Sides

Physical Foaming Production Line

Massive High-speed Braiding Spools

Making White PVC Jacket For RG6 Cables

Producing Aluminum Wire Braiding For RG6 Cables

Production Process of RG6 PE Foaming

Large And Clean Cable Workshop

From Foaming Pe To High-speed Cca Wire Braiding

Large Batches of Braiding Are Ready For Next Process

50m RG6 Coaxial Cable Manual Winding

Cable Workshop Filled With RG6 Coaxial Cable

RG6 Cable With Two Connectors

Coaxial Cable Cca & Al Wire Braiding

Kexun Cable Large And Clean Workshop

High Speed Braiding Machine Operation

Network Cable CAT6 Winding Process

How We Pack


Packing RG59 with Power Cable

Packing 100M RG6 Cable Roll

Packing Coaxial Cable Roll in White PVC Jacket

UTP CAT6 Cable of 305 Meters Packing in Pully Box

Black Coaxial Cable RG6 on Automatic Packing Machine

Machine Packing LAN Cables of 305M per Roll

Packing Coaxial Cable Ready For Shipment

Packing 300M RG6 Cable Roll With Paper Reel

Packing UTP CAT6 Network Cables

Black PVC RG6 Cable Ready For Package

Lan Cabke Grey PVC Category 6 Ready For Package

RG6 Cable Packed By Machine

Orange PVC Cat5e Packed In 100m Roll

RG6 Cable 300m Wooden Spool Package

How We Load & Ship


2*20GP Containers To Dubai

Loading 1*40HQ Container Shipped to Turkey

40HQ Container To Egypt

LCL RG6 Cable To Warehouse

40HQ Container Loading to SOKHNA ,EGYPT

20GP Container Loading to Portugal

20GP CAT5E Cables Loading to INDONESIA

Large orders of RG6 CABLE from Egypt

RG6 Coaxial Cable In 300m Wood Spool Ready For Shipment To Malaysia

20GP Container Loading to Sokhna

20GP Container Loading To Dubai

All Coaxial Cables Ready To Be Shipped

Product Comparison


Good vs. Bad Quality PVC Jacket

How We Test


UTP CAT6 LAN Cable of 100 Meters Testing Pass Through 1G

Product Package


300-meter RG6 Cable with Wood Spool Package Ready For Shipment

Packaged 300M RG6 Cable With Plastic Reel & Carton

RG6 Coax Cable Roll of Different Length

Black RG6 Coax Cables Packed With Film

Various Outer Box Packages

CAT5e Cables Packed in 100-M Roll

Lan Cable Twisted Pair In Four Colors

CCTV Cable Packed In Wood Spool And Carton

RG6 Cable 20m Roll Packing Ready For Shippment 

Product Introduction


RG6 Cable with 96 Braiding

Various Coaxial Cables

Finished Products Ready For Shipment

10M RG6 Cable in White PVC Jacket

RG6 Cables With Transparent Blue PVC Jacket

RG6 with Red Transparent PVC Jacket

Finished Black RG6 Cables in Warehouse

Finished Order of White RG6 Cables

Finished Order of White RG6 Cables

Lan Cable Twisted Pair In Four Colors

Satv Cable RG6 Manufactured In Various Color

Lan Cable Utp Twisted Paire

CAT3 Telephone Cable Two Pairs In Grey PVC

300m Spool Finished Goods Of Rg59 With Two Power Cable

RG6 Cable With Two F Connectors

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