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Satellite Cable

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Satellite Cable
What is the best coax cable for satellite TV? Satellite cable is also known as satellite TV cable and satellite coaxial cable, as coaxial cables are perfect for satellite signals, usually transmiting signals from an aerial to television, satellite TV, or other electrical devices. Generally, a satellite coaxial cable consists of an inner conductor, dielectric, metal shielding mesh, aluminum foil, and outer jacket. Coax cables for satellite TV is usually connecting the satellite dish to the satellite set-top box with F-connector.
A good-quality coaxial cable for satellite TV is essential for the good signal reception and high picture quality on the satellite TV. The best -quality coaxial cable for satellite TV mainly depends on the cable type and cable length, center conductor size, insulation thickness, shielding amount and quality, PVC jacket quality. 
At New King, we offer best satellite cables including different versions of RG6 cable and RG59 coaxial cables.