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RG11 Cable


Place of Origin :  Foshan, China                                                                                   Brand Name : NEW KING OR OEM

Model Number : RG11                                                                                                   Number of Conductors : 1

Type :Trunk Cable                                                                                                        Model : RG11 Trunk Cable

Certification : CE/RoHS                                                                                                 Inner Conductor : 1.63+/-0.02 Bare Copper / CCS

Dielectric :  FPE                                                                                                             Out Conductor : Al Foil +70%, 90%, 95% Braid

Braid Material : Al-Mg, CCA, BC, TC                                                                            Out Jacket : 10.0+3.1mm PVC/PE

Color : White, Black or Customized                                                                               Steel:1.83mm

Supply Ability

Supply Ability : 500 Million Meters per Year, 130 Million Meters per Day

Packaging & Delivery

  Packaging Details :Can be packed in clarity film, several rolls into one carton.

  Port :Foshan

Construction & Performance
Construction Conductor Material Copper Clad Steel
Diameter(mm) 1.63±0.02
Insulation Material Foaming PE
Diameter(mm) 7.11±0.10
Outer Shield Material AL foil+AL/mg wire braiding
Density 61%
Diameter(mm) 10.00+3.10
Performance Minimum Bending Radius mm 34(indoor)
Minimum Bending Temperature -20
Storage Temperature -20~+70
Installation Temperature -20~+50
Operating Temperature -20~+75
Electrical Properties

Capacitance pF/m 53±2
Velocity % 86
Insulation Resistance MΩ·km >5000
Cut-off Frequency GHz 3.0
Insulation withstand Voltage KV 1.0
Jacket Spark Voltage KV 2.0
Attenuation (dB/100m) 50MHz ≤9.0
100MHz ≤10.8
200MHz ≤11.8
800MHz ≤19.00
1000MHz ≤20.0
Shielding Effectiveness (dB) 55MHz ≥55
300MHz ≥60
1000MHz ≥65
Return Loss (dB) 5~470MHz ≥20
470~862MHz ≥20
862~2200MHz ≥18


All our products have got the certificates of international authority to guarantee 

customers the high quality.

ISO9001:2015 - NK

ISO9001:2015 - NK



CPR Certificate - NK

CPR Certificate - NK

CE Certificate - NK

CE Certificate - NK

Options For The Shipping

We strictly undertake every step of shipping including loading, booking ships, 

custom clearance and so on.

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