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Qualities of a Trunk Cable You Need to Know

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Qualities of a Trunk Cable You Need to Know

Trunk cables are the backbone of a data network. Their job is to transfer data from one place to another and pass it on. Having a suitable trunk cable can increase the speed and reliability of your network. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the quality of your trunk cable to have a solid and reliable network. You need to know about some qualities when considering your next trunk cable purchase.

Trunk Cable

Wire Gauge

Wire gauge measures the thickness of the wire in a cable. The larger the number, the thinner the wire in that area. The wire gauge is represented as two numbers, for example, 18/2. This means that the wire on this cable is 0.18mm thick (18 gauge), and two wires are used in parallel (2).

The higher the number, the more resistant to electrical interference and data loss. It is recommended to have cables with a higher gauge for these reasons. However, thicker wires take up more space and require more cabling materials which can be costly.

Jacket Type

The jacket type of the trunk cable is necessary because it can dictate how rugged the line is. The jacket will determine whether or not the cable can withstand extended periods in a harsh environment or living conditions.

For example, a PVC jacket would be great for an office environment where people constantly take cables in and out of their connections. TThey'realso perfect for inside walls that might be prone to water leaks, as PVC cables are more resistant to water. A plenum-rated trunk cable would be suitable for an area with high levels of heat or humidity, like a server room. This kind of cable can handle the changes in temperature better than cables with other jackets.

Twisted Pair

Twisted pair cables are the most common cable used in data networks. And because twisted pairs are so popular, they have been analyzed extensively, and it's easy to figure out what makes them better than other types of cables.

One thing that makes twisted pair cables so ideal is that they can be made without shielding and still retain their qualities. If you want to save money on your next purchase, you could buy a cable with no shielding as long as it's a twisted pair cable. However, if you don't have any shielding on your network, you should keep in mind the other qualities of your trunk cable, like the jacket material.


Shielding is designed to protect the data transmitted from outside interference. This can be done by using coaxial or fiber-optic cables, which have a layer of insulation around them for protection. This is probably the essential quality of a suitable trunk cable.


One of the qualities that you need to know about is insulation. The insulation protects the cable from interference and electromagnetic interference (EMI). What determines how much protection a line has is the material it's made with. Insulation can be made with foam, rubber, or plastic. Plastic has been found to provide the best insulation and protect against EMI.

Outer Covering

The outer layer of a cable is called its jacket. This is the part that you see, and it has to be tough enough to withstand all kinds of abuse from weather conditions, rough handling, and sharp objects. The type of jacket depends on the type of cable you buy. Copper cables usually have a paper-based or plastic outer covering, while fiber optic cables are made with a glass-based coating.


When purchasing a cable, many people decide based on the price alone. While budget-friendly is essential, other factors to consider when purchasing a trunk cable. By knowing the qualities of a trunk cable you need know, you can make an informed purchase and have the right product for your needs.

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