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Network Cable

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Network Cable
The network cable is also called Ethernet cable when it is used in an Ethernet environment.  Twisted-pair cables are the most popular Ethernet cable.
Generally, an Ethernet cable is made up of two separate insulated wired twisted around one another. It is mostly used for Ethernet computer networks.
We offer various types of network cables, such as UTP/FTP/SFTP CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 cable, etc.


FTP CAT5, referring to Foiled Twisted-pair CAT5 cable, is an upgraded version of UTP CAT5. It has an additional foil covering the unshielded twisted-pair wires, which helps to reduce electromagnetic interference.


FTP CAT6 stands for Foiled Twised-pair CAT6 cable, which also has an extra foil to prevent the unshielded wires from the interference.


SFTP CAT6 means Shielded Foil Twisted-Pair CAT6 cable, which is the combination of STP and FTP. It is an enhance version of UTP CAT6 that can resist interference at the highest level.


SFTP CAT5, called Shielded Foil Twisted-Pair CAT5 cable, offers much more stable transmission as well as higher price than FTP CAT5 and UTP CAT5.


UTP CAT5e stands for UTP CAT5 enhanced, which means it is a upgraded version of CAT5, providing faster speed of up to 1000Mbps/ 1Gbps and less signal loss.


UTP CAT6 is one of the most popular Ethernet cable for its excellent performance. It can transmit data at a maximum speed of 1000Mbps/ 1Gbps with bandwidth up to 250Mhz.


UTP CAT5 is the basic type of Ethernet cable, standing for Unshielded Twisted-pair CAT5 cable. It is the most common network that has been popular 
for many year.

UTP CAT5 Patch Cord

UTP CAT5 patch chord, also known as UTP CAT5 patch cable, is a form of twisted-pair cable with connectors on both ends. It is commonly used to connect a computer to a router.

UTP CAT6 Patch Cord

UTP CAT6 patch chord, sometimes called UTP CAT6 patch cable, is a popular twisted-pair cable with two installed connectors on both ends.

Outdoor UTP Cable

Outdoor UTP cable is meant to be used for outdoor applications, and it can withstand the outside effects like sun, rains, winds, etc.

Outdoor FTP Cable

Outdoor FTP cable is an upgraded version of outdoor UTP cable for it not only can resist the outside threats but also has an additional foil that helps to reduce signal loss.

Outdoor SFTP Cable

Outdoor SFTP cable is an outdoor network cable that can resist both outsider effects and electromagnetic interference at the highest level for its superior foil and shielding.
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