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Manufacturing Process


Procedure 1: Raw Material Testing


CCS Diameter Tested  by Micrometer ToolCCS

Conductivity Tested Through DC Resistance Tester

Al/mg Diameter Inspected  By Micrometer Tool
Al/mg Elongation Testing
PE Density Testing
PVC Density Testing

Inspecting Dimension Of Al Foil
Test Packing Material
Packing Material Testing

Packing Material Testing(Lable,Carton)


Procedure 2: Production Steps

01 Wire Drawing

In the first step, the material is optional, which can be Aluminum Magnesium Wire(AL) or Copper-Clad Aluminum(CCA). After straightening and drawing the material, the machine will extrude its inner layer through preheating.

02 Insulation

Use PE to perform high-pressure nitrogen foaming by advanced physical equipment. When the insulation is formed, it will be put into the water for cooling down.

03 Braiding (Semi-finished)

There are 84 units of high-speed braiding machines in the workshop, which are the most advanced of China. They offers low noise, fast speed, and good braiding construction. The numbers of spindle can be 32, 48, 96, 112, and even up to 128.

04 PVC Jacket (External Cover)

Use advanced technology and machines to extrude the raw plastic for forming PVC jackets for the semi-finished products.

05 Cables in Roll

Roll the finished products by a semi-automatic packing machine, and then measure the size of the roll by a steel ruler.

Procedure 3: Product Testing

Cables’ impedance, attenuation, and return loss will be tested by a network analyzer to ensure good quality.

Procedure 4: Packing

The packing methods are optional, which depend on clients’ requirements.

PVC Foil Packing

Finished-product Stuffing

Procedure 5: Product Loading

The finished products will be stored in warehouse, ready for container loading.
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