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Is RG6 Cable the Best Coaxial Cable?

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Is RG6 Cable the Best Coaxial Cable?

RG6 cable is one of the most common types of coaxial cable. Most people use it to connect all kinds of devices such as television, audio, radio, etc. Do you think RG6 cable is the best coaxial cable ever? Since there are also other types of coax cable like RG59, RG11, which one would you prefer? Today, let’s break down everything of a RG6 cable. In the end, you might know if RG6 cable is the best coaxial cable.


What Is RG6 Cable?


RG6 cable is a type of coaxial cable that is usually used to deliver audio and video signals. It mainly consists of five part: Copper Conductor, Dielectric, Aluminum Foil, Braided Mesh, and Outer Jacket. The connector used for RG6 cables is often F-type connectors.


RG6 Coaxial Cable Diagram

RG6 cable diagram


What Is RG6 Cable Used For?


RG6 Cable For TV

What type of coaxial cable is used for TV? The most common answer must be the RG6 cable.

Generally, RG6 cable is mostly used for signal transmission of satellite TV, cable TV, digital TV, etc.

But is RG6 the best coaxial cable for TV? Let’s compare it with another two popular coaxial cable types RG59 and RG11, you will see the difference.


RG6 cable vs RG59 cable

Compared to RG6 cable, RG59 cable has thinner conductor and shielding. It is usually used for analog video signals of security cameras. However, for TV such a high-frequency equipment, RG59 cable is not an ideal option. It can easily cause signal loss and attenuation during the transmission. Is RG6 better than RG59? If you choose one of them for TV, RG6 cable is definitely better than RG59 cable.


RG6 cable vs RG11 cable:Should I use RG11 or RG6?

RG11 cable is much thicker than RG6 cable, as it has a heavier gauge and shielding. It provides much better performance than the RG6 cable with less signal loss and attenuation. Thus, it is also a good choice for TV. However, the only problem is that it is too thick to bend and install in most residential areas. RG11 is more used for special uses like very long runs or outdoor installation. To some extent, RG6 is the best coaxial cable for TV.


Is RG6 Cable Good For HDTV?


RG6 cable is suitable for most domestic television. However, for HDTV or 4K TV, RG11 is the best coaxial cable. It has a thicker copper conduct and shielding that can deal with signals of higher frequency.


RG6 Cable For Internet


What is the best coaxial cable for Internet? RG6 cable should be one of the most suitable coaxial cables for Internet. Lots of homeowners would choose RG6 cable for their high-speed Internet. Although cable Internet is not as fast as fiber Internet, it has the pricing and durability advantage.


Are all RG6 cables the same?


RG6 cables are not all the same and there are various versions of RG6 cable.  


According to the amount of shielding, RG6 cables can fall into three types: RG6 Standard, RG6 Tri-shield, and RG6 quad shield. RG6 standard is the most common RG6 cable. RG6 Tri-shield, as its name implies, has three layers of shielding. And RG6 quad shield, also called RG6 super shield, has four layers of shielding.


Besides, there are other functional versions of RG6 cables like RG6+2DC, RG6+M, etc. RG6+2DC is a typical camera cable for CCTV. It is a RG6 standard cable plus a power cable. RG6+M stands for RG6 cable plus a messenger wire that is used to enhance the strength of the cable.

best rg6 cable

RG6 Standard

best RG6 Tri-shield cable

                           RG6 Tri-Shield 

best RG6 quad shield cable

RG6 Quad Shield


Which RG6 Cable Is the Best?


According to the performance, the best coaxial cable should be RG6 quad shield. As it has four layers of shielding, it can resist the interference at a highest level. Therefore, it will cause less signal loss and attenuation.




Compared to other types of coaxial cables, RG6 cable has its advantages in installation, performance, application, durability, and price. Therefore, what is the best coaxial cable? For many people, they would rather choose RG6 cable.


Where to Buy the Best RG6 Coaxial Cable?


New King is a professional coaxial cable manufacturer with more than 20 year of experience. All kinds of RG6 cables at best price are available. Please feel free to contact us at

best RG6 cable (2)

RG6 Cable in Roll

best RG6 coaxial cable

RG6 Coaxial Cable


We expect to work with you!

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