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3 Important Uses Of Coaxial Cable

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3 Important Uses Of Coaxial Cable

As a transmission line, coaxial cables have many advantages that make them popular among the people. Indeed, coaxial cables are widely used in various applications in our life. RG6, RG59, and RG11 cables are 3 common types of coaxial cables that work with different electrical devices. Where will coaxial cables be used the most? Today, let’s 3 of the most important uses of coaxial cable.


Coaxial Cable For Antenna

If you have an over-the-air antenna at home, you will need a cable to connect the antenna to your television. Coaxial cables, particular RG6 cables, are one of the best cables for residential satellite TV, cable TV, and TV antenna. RG6 coaxial cables can deliver video signals of high frequency. With the aluminum foil and aluminum braid as shielding, RG6 cables have strong ability to resist interference during the transmission. If you want to run the cables outdoor for a longer distance. RG11 cables are the better option. With thicker center copper conductor, shielding and PVC sheath, RG11 offers effective protection to outdoor threats like rains and sunlight.


uses of coaxial cable

Coaxial Cable For Audio

For most music lovers, SPDIF output standard is not a stranger thing. It is a short name of household digital audio interface of Sony and Philips. SPDIF is capable of transmitting LPCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, and other similar types of surround compressed audio signal.


Coaxial digital audio cables are commonly used to deliver audio signals between various equipment like DVD player, TV, Computer etc. Coaxial audio cables have a stable impedance and high transmission bandwidth to ensure good audio quality. Although the standard connector for coaxial digital cables is BNC connectors, most of them on the market would use RCA connectors.


Optical fiber can be also used to carry digital audio signals. However, signals are transferred twice during the transmission, which can decrease the quality of audio signals. So if you have high demands on decent audio signals, the perfect option is to use coaxial digital cables.

uses of coaxial cable


Coaxial Cable For Security Cameras

Coaxial cables are one of the most common cables used for CCTV camera installation for the excellent performance of anti-interference. To wire up security cameras, many people would need RG59 Siamese cables the most. RG59 Siamese cable is a RG59 coax cable carrying video signals with a power cable providing direct current to the devices. Sometimes a RG59 Siamese cable is also known as RG59+2DC cable.


No matter where you use coaxial cables, quality is the first thing you need to consider when buying. A good-quality coaxial cable can have a long lifespan of up to 20 years. Where to buy coaxial cables? New King is your best choice!

uses of coaxial cable


Why Choose New King Coaxial Cables?

New King is a professional cable manufacturer with experience of more than 20 years. We have been specializing in producing coaxial cables, Ethernet cables, electric wires, connectors, etc. Our products have sold to clients from all over the world. Besides, we also provide OEM product service to help clients develop their brands. If you are interested in our products and service, do not hesitate to email us at

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