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How to Choose the Best HDMI Cable?

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How to Choose the Best HDMI Cable?

HDMI cable, standing for high-definition multimedia interface cable, is an interface standard with high-definition digital video and audio transmission capabilities. It is a dedicated digital interface suitable for image transmission and can transmit audio and video signals simultaneously. When shopping for an HDMI cable, what should you be careful of? Today, we will tell you some tips on choosing the best HDMI cable.


Confirm the Right Version

The first thing to notice is the HDMI cable version that can be divided into 1.3 to 2.0 versions. The higher version is compatible with the lower version interface, but it is better to choose the same version, at least not lower than the version of the interface; otherwise, it will affect the high-definition transmission. 


Select the Compatible Size of HDMI Interface

Before buying an HDMI cable, confirm the size of the TV and display the terminal's HDMI interface so as not to buy the wrong HDMI cable. The width of micro HDMI is about 6 mm; the standard interface is A-type HDMI, and the width is about 15 mm; the width of Mini HDMI is 10.5 mm.

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The Quality of the Interface

According to the material, HDMI interfaces are divided into gold-plated and non-gold-plated. Gold-plated designs can effectively prevent corrosion and rust, giving the interface better conductivity and high-temperature resistance. The gold-plated interface is pale yellow and easy to distinguish. The most important thing is the pin inside the interface, the main connection point. The high-quality HDMI interface also has a gold-plated tin. When buying HDMI cables, the gold-plated versions are more worth buying. The gold-plated design can effectively solve problems like the bad contact after the plug is inserted and unplugged many times to avoid signal loss and picture quality.

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Think About the Actual Required Length of the Cable

It is best to measure the required length before purchasing to avoid the HDMI cable being too short or too long.


The Thickness of the HDMI Cable Also Matters 

A qualified HDMI cable should not be too thin. The material of the conductor wire and the thickness of the shielding has a lot to do with the signal quality. There are four standard core conductor gauges for HDMI cables: 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, and 28AWG. The larger the number, the thinner the HDMI core and the shorter the transmission distance.


Solid Copper Core Would Be Better

The core conductor material of the HDMI cable plays a decisive role in the performance of the cable. The copper-clad steel and copper-clad aluminum cores have high impedance and significant signal attenuation, especially during long-distance transmission. The HDMI cable with a solid copper core can support ultra-long distance transmission and ensure a stable signal.


Where to Buy the High-quality HDMI Cables?

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