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HDMI vs VGA: The Complete Comparison

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HDMI vs VGA: The Complete Comparison

HDMI and VGA are two standard cables used to connect devices like computers, laptops, TV, etc. Do you know their similarity and difference? Let’s break them down into several aspects.

What Is VGA Cable?

VGA stands for video graphic array, an electrical cable with two VGA interfaces at both ends. Sometimes, the VGA cable is also called the VGA port or D-Sub port. The interface of a VGA cable is a D-type interface with a total of 15 pins on it, which is divided into 3 rows with 5 in each. The VGA cable is usually compatible with the interface on the graphic card that outputs analog signals.

What Is HDMI Cable?

HDMI cable stands for high-definition multimedia interface cable. It is also an electrical cable with two HDMI interfaces at both ends. HDMI interface can carry both audio and video signals. Compared to VGA cables, HDMI cables are the newer generation aiming to transmit analog and digital signals between different devices.

What Are the Similarities Between VGA and HDMI Cables?

1. Both VGA and HDMI cables are made with an interface.

2. Both VGA and HDMI cables can transfer video signals.

3. Both VGA and HDMI interfaces have pins on them.

4. Both VGA and HDMI cables can work well with converters to meet different requirements.

Differences Between VGA and HDMI Cables

The key difference between VGA and HDMI cables is that HDMI cables carry both audio and video signals while VGA cables only carry analog video signals. Besides, these two cables have many other differences.

Signal Quality

VGA cables are inevitably affected by signal interference, also called crosstalk, caused by other cables and devices. The analog video signals may get bad or lost if the distance is longer than 15m. HDMI cables are not prone to crosstalk. Even over a longer distance, the digital video signals can remain good. However, electromagnetic interference also affects signal quality. So you need to choose the superior HDMI cables with thicker insulation.


Without the help of converters, VGA cables are not compatible with the HDMI interface. If you stick to using converters, the signal quality will not be good when VGA cables are used. Moreover, VGA cables don’t transmit audio signals, so it is necessary to use a separate cable for audio when using VGA cables. When using HDMI cables for the HDMI port, there is no need to use separate converters for HDMI can transmit both audio and video signals. If you want to connect the HDMI cable to a VGA port, you need to use the converters, and it also needs a separate cable connecting the separate port to offer audio signals.


VGA cables are commonly used in traditional computers and projectors. As VGA cables only deliver analog video signals, they are getting outdated now.

HDMI cables are widely used in new-model computers, media players, and HDTV systems because they carry high-quality audio and digital video signals.

VGA vs. HDMI Cables: Which Is Better For Gaming?

In particular, HDMI cables can be used for most gaming consoles because the HDMI connection can give higher picture quality, faster transmission speed, and stable connection. In contrast, VGA cables cannot do this at all.


VGA cables have been used by people for a long time, and they are pretty common on the market and can be bought online easily at a relatively low price. HDMI cables are usually more expensive than the older VGA cables because they have better performance and are more functional than VGA cables. But the quality of HDMI cables varies by cable length, brand, and manufacturer. Therefore, buying HDMI cables from a reliable manufacturer is important. New King Cable is the manufacturer that you can count on.

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