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Get to Know What Type of Cable Is Used for Satellite TV

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Get to Know What Type of Cable Is Used for Satellite TV

Satellite TV is a television service delivered using a communications satellite orbiting the earth. A satellite TV system receives and transmits signals from the satellite, or in some cases another source, to provide television. 

The following are some of the the cables used for satellite TV:

1.RG59 cable

This type of coaxial cable with an impedance of 75 ohms is used for the transmission of video and data. It is used indoors. This type of cable is preferable to be used in situations where permanent external installation is needed. RG-59/U wire should not be used for satellite TV applications as it has a tendency to break down under the sun's rays, unlike RG6/U.

2.RG6 cable

The RG6 coaxial cable is made from a copper conductor that is surrounded by insulation material, with a solid copper inner conductor, an outside insulating layer and then another layer of solid copper wire beneath it. The impedance of RG6/U cable is 75 ohms and it is used for both inside and outside applications. The fact that it is thinner as compared to the RG59/U cable makes it easier to hide. This means that you can run the cable through a wall or ceiling and still be able to easily connect a satellite dish or TV antenna on the outside of your home, while installing the internal wires in the wall or ceiling.

3.Multimode Optical Fiber (MMF) cable

The MMF fiber optic cables are designed for transmitting large amounts of data over long distances and are available in a variety of lengths, especially on Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. The MMF cable is also known as multimode fiber, as opposed to single-mode optical fiber which transmits light only in one direction. The MMF cable is used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

4. Multi-Conductor Cable (MCC)

The MCC is a type of coaxial cable developed by TIA that allows the use of two or more cables in one installation. The MCC permits several TV and data signals to be carried over one cable, which can be run inside walls or traversing ceilings or floors. This component is used in both outdoor and indoor applications.

5. Plastic optical fiber (POF) cable

This type of cable is made from a plastic material, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, which allows it to be installed inside walls or ceilings without the need for any other supporting structure. The biggest advantage of this cable is that it can be run through the ductwork or electrical conduit without using any additional support systems. This type of cable also transmits signals at faster speeds than services that use RG6/U cables.

6. Fiber optic cable

The fiber optic cable consists of two thin strands of fibers that are made from glass or plastic. One strand is the so-called "signal" and the other strand is the "return" strand. The cable is made up of a core, cladding, and a reflective under coating layer known as the buffer coating. It is used for carrying telephone signals, computer data signals and TV signals over long distances at high speed. It can also be used for short distances when run in an aerial system where it can transmit numerous TV signals (around 500 TV channels), phone lines or data over a single cable.

RG6 Coax Cable for TV

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