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Ethernet Vs WiFi: Which One Is Better?

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Ethernet Vs WiFi: Which One Is Better?


There are two common ways in which you can connect to the Internet - Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Everyone wants a fast and reliable network that can help them finish the work. Therefore, it is important to choose a right connection. When you access the network that isn’t working well for you, that’s too late to change. In this article, we will share the difference between Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Hopefully, it can help you make the right choice for your work.

What Is Wi-Fi?

The full name of Wi-Fi is Wireless Fidelity, which is a wireless networking technology . It allows devices like laptops and smart phones to connect to the Internet without any wires.


In Wi-Fi networks, there is no physical wires for the connection between a sender and a receiver. Generally, Wi-Fi signals are transmitted in a form of radio frequencies by using an antenna.


Ethernet vs WIFI

What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a method of connecting computers together in a local area network. It enables computer and other devices to share data and information with each other.


Ethernet cables are a type of network cable. It is used for delivering data by connecting to an Ethernet port.

Ethernet vs WIFI connection

Ethernet Vs WiFi: Speed

Speed always means a lot in networking. Most people put priority on it when choosing which connection to use. Ethernet delivers data much faster than Wi-Fi. Normally, Ethernet offers you a top transfer speed of up to 1000Mbps. However, the conventional standard of Wi-Fi, 802.11g, only provides you a maximum speed of 54Mbps.


Now there comes the newest Wi-Fi standard - 802.11ac, which can offer a maximum speed of 3200Mbps. At this point, Wi-Fi has bigger advantage of speed over Ethernet. But at the same time, you should consider the cost and flexibility as well. If you simply transfer files between two computers within your house or office, Ethernet is faster than Wi-Fi. 


Ethernet Vs WiFi: Stability

Ethernet provides more stable speed than Wi-Fi. It uses cables for data transfer from computer to the Internet. Thus, an Ethernet connection won't be easily affected by other devices.


But Wi-Fi is different. Some environmental factors can make its signals unstable. For example, too many mobile phones or wireless devices can slow down the network speed. If you are far away from the router, the signals will be weak.


Therefore, if you like to work at home or play online game, wireless Internet doesn't seem to be a good choice.

ethernet cable vs WIFI

Ethernet Vs WiFi: Latency

Network latency is also called lag, which refers to the delays in data communication in networking. It describes the time that a data packet travel from one device to the other.

Ethernet Vs WiFi Gaming

For every gamer, latency is a critical problem. Online games have very high demands on the network connection. And any slight delay will make you lose the game. Although WiFi connection has made great progress in recent years, a wired connection that gives you stability is still preferrable. As mentioned above, the external interference can cause high latency in a Wi-Fi network. So if you want to play stable online game, Wi-Fi is not good enough. The most reliable way is to use Ethernet connection.


Ethernet can provide reliable connection with low latency. If you want to prevent the delay from damaging your game, Ethernet is your best choice. In addition, to choose the best Ethernet cable for gaming, CAT6, CAT6A, or CAT7 should meet your needs.


Ethernet Vs WiFi: Security

Ethernet ensures more security than Wi-Fi. Data travels through cables over an Ethernet network. If somebody wants to access the files on your computer, they have to connect to the network with cables. Therefore, no one can hack your computer once you secure the ports.


However, Wi-Fi is an open network. Its signals travels through the air. So everyone can receive the signals and join the network. Your devices can be easily hacked because the connection is not safe enough.

Ethernet vs WIFI

Ethernet Vs WiFi: Suggestions

Ethernet and Wi-Fi both have their advantages and disadvantages. To choose the most suitable connection depends on your personal needs. If you use portable devices like mobile phones and laptops every day, you’d better choose Wi-Fi. It can ensure both flexibility and convenience. If you often play online game and stream videos, Ethernet is a better choice. It can offer you a stable connection with lower latency.


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