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Copper Clad Steel Wire Vs Solid Copper Wire

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Copper Clad Steel Wire Vs Solid Copper Wire

Generally, coaxial cables can be divided into two types according to the center conductor. The first one is the solid copper wire, and the second one is the copper clad steel wire. What is the difference between these two materials? How can they affect the center conductor and the performance of a coaxial cable? I bet many people are interested in knowing the answers. So today New King will give But before we start this topic, let’s see why copper is always used in the center conductor of coax cables.


The Benefits of Copper Wire


Copper is mostly used for the center conductor of electrical cables, especially coaxial cables. Actually, silver is the best conductor ever, whose electrical conductivity is 106% of the copper. However, silver has a pretty high cost and low tensile strength, which limits its application in electrical cables. Copper has high tensile strength and ductility, which makes it an ideal option for the center conductor of coaxial cables. For example, copper cables can bend, twist, and pull between the connecting box and port without breaking off. Thus, copper can extend the lifespan of the cables. That’s why it is widely used in the center conductor in most electrical cables nowadays.


What Is Copper Clad Steel Wire?


Copper clad steel wire also called CCS wire, is a composite wire usually used for the inner conductor of electrical cables. To be more specific, CCS is a steel wire surrounded by a copper layer. During the transmission, signals won’t travel on the CCS conductor. They travel on the surface of the CCS wires and then spread to the dielectric layer. That’s how the Skin Effect works. Therefore, as long as the thickness of the copper layer reaches a certain range, signals in some frequency ranges can be guaranteed to be transmitted. The function of the copper layer is to transmit weak electrical signals, while the steel wire plays a supporting role.

copper clad steel wire


What Is Skin Effect?


When there is the alternating current or magnetic field in the conductor, the inner current will be unevenly distributed. So the current will concentrate on the skin part of the conductor, which means the conductor’s outer thin layer. This is what “Skin Effect” means.


Why Is Steel Used in A Copper Conductor?


Although copper has excellent electrical conductivity, it is expensive. Using CCS wire instead of solid copper in a high-frequency circuit can save lots of costs. The electric resistance may increase but it won’t affect the transmission property. With the steel wire, the tensile strength of the conductor can be enhanced a lot.


What Is Solid Copper Wire?


A solid copper wire means a cable core is made of only pure copper without other materials like steel or aluminum. A Coaxial Cable with a solid copper conductor is ideal for long-distance transmission. The only disadvantage of a solid copper conductor is its high cost.

solid copper wire


Copper Clad Steel Wire Vs Solid Copper Wire: Which One to Use?


There are two aspects that you need to think over and over. Firstly, if you want to use the coaxial cable for RF transmission like television, you can use both. The “Skin Effect” works out so you don’t need to worry about the performance of the conductor. For saving cost you can buy the CCS cables. 


However, if you use coaxial cables for carrying not only signal but also carrying power, always choose solid copper. Copper is more suitable for electricity transmission than steel. The power will go to the center conductor and signals will travels on its surface, quite simple, no?


Where to Buy Coaxial Cables of CCS Wires or Solid Copper Core?

copper clad steel wire


New King is always your best option. We are a top manufacturer of coaxial cables as well as CCS wires. With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide high-quality export products and customize cables for clients. For more information, please contact us at

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