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What Is Coaxial Cable?


Coaxial cable, also known as coax cable, is a kind of electric cable used to carry video, audio, and radio frequency signals for different applications like satellite TV, cable TV, CCTV, Internet, etc.


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Coaxial Cable Construction

A coax cable is mainly made up of four layers - Center Conductor, Dielectric, Shielding, and Outer Jacket. A coaxial cable diagram below can help you understand its construction better.

 1 The center conductor can be made of soild copper or CCA  (copper clad aluminum), carrying data and signal through the cable.


 3 The shielding is usually a combination of aluminum foil and braided mesh that helps to prevent electromagnetic interference.

 2 The dielectric/insulation layer is usually made from PVC or PE, surrounding the center conductor.


 4 The outer jacket covered by a plastic coating is used to protect interior components from damages.

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Coaxial Cable Advantages

  • Faster Transmission Speed

    A coaxial cable usually transmits signals at 10Mbps, which is 80 times more capacity than the conventional twisted-pair cables.

  • Low Signal Losses

    According to its unique inner structure, the braided metallic mesh is to shield against signal interference, prevent signal losses.

  • Great Durability

    The dielectric layer that covers the copper conductor can provide excellent protection against outside threats like rain, sunlight, water, etc.

  • Stable Performance

    Selecting copper cables for basic electrical wiring at home is beneficial, as a copper conductor can effectively transmit powder load. Compared to aluminum wiring in house, copper wiring is a preferable type of electrical wiring.

  • Easy Installation

    This type of electric wire is easy to expand and bend, so it is an ideal option of house wiring for people.

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     Coaxial Cable Types


    Coaxial cables come in different types. RG6 cable, RG59 cable, and RG11 cable are three common coaxial cable types. RG stands for “Radio Guide”, which is the ratings used to identify various coaxial cable types. 


    Different coaxial cable types have different specifications and applications. Coaxial cable price is also different according to different coaxial cable types. Knowing all coaxial cable types helps you select the right one for your requirements. As a professional coaxial cable manufacturer and wholesaler, New King offers you all coaxial cable types as follow.




    RG6 Coaxial Cable


    RG6 cable is widely used in various residential and commercial applications but primarily as a TV cable.

    RG6 cable is a 75-ohm coaxial cable so it is suitable for most domestic televisions as a TV coaxial cable. 

    As one of the best coaxial cable for TV, RG6 cable can transmit high-frequency video and audio signal for satellite TV, cable TV, HDTV, and stereo equipment. 




    RG59 Coaxial Cable


    RG59 cable has a thinner center conductor than RG6 cable, so it transmits lower-frequency video signals.

    RG59 Siamese Cable, also called RG59+2DC  is a popular version of RG59 cable as well as a typical coaxial cable mainly used to carry analog video signals for security cameras. RG59+2DC is a combination of a RG59 coaxial cable plus a power cable that offer direct current to CCTV cameras.




    RG11 Coaxial Cable


    Among three coaxial cable types, RG11 cable has the thickest center conductor and largest diameter. Therefore, it is often used for special appliactions like outdoor use, direct burial, very long-distance installation, and long straight-line installation for large enterprises and buildings. RG11 coaxial cables carry signals with less signal loss and at a low attenuation level so RG11 coaxial cable price is commonly higher than RG6 cable and RG59 cable.


    Tri-shield Coaxial Cable


    Tri-shield cable, referring to triple shielded cable, is a special form of coaxial cable. Tri-shield cable provides an additional aluminum braided shield between two layers of aluminum foil for a standard coaxial cable. The extra shield adds greater protection against interference like EMI, ensuring a more stable signal transmission. The construction of a tri-shield cable is : Conductor + Dielectric + Aluminum Foil + Aluminum Braided Shield + Aluminum Foil + Jacket. As a professional coaxial cable manufacturer, New King usually offers high-quality RG6 Tri-shield Cable, RG59 Tri-shield Cable, and RG11 Tri-shield Cable.



    Quad Shield Coaxial Cable


    Quad shield cable is a special type of coaxial cable as well. Compared to tri-shield cable, it has four shielding layers, which are two sets of aluminum foil and braised shield covering around the standard coaxial cable. The construction of a quad shield coaxial cable is: Conductor + Dielectric + Double (Aluminum Foil & Aluminum Braided Shield) + Jacket. Sometimes the cable is called super-shield cable, as more extra shielding brings much greater performance than the standard coaxial cable, effectively preventing the EMI and reducing signal losses. As a leading coaxial cable manufacturer, New King also offers superior RG6 Quad Shield Cable, RG59 Quad Shield Cable, and RG11 Quad Shield Cable.


    Coaxial Cable With Messenger Wire


    Messenger wire is an additional cable that is bonded to a regular coax cable. It is mainly used to increase the hardness and rigidity to the coaxial cable rather than carrying signals. As an experienced coaxial cable manufacturer, New King offers durable RG6 Messenger Cable(RG6+M) and RG11 Messenger Cable(RG11+M).



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    Various Packages For Coaxial Cables


    Plastic Reel

    Wood Reel

    Transparent Film

    Best Coaxial Cable: RG6 VS RG11


    What is the best coaxial cable? Many people used to talk about the difference between RG6 and RG11 cables. A clear comparison of RG6 vs RG11 is as follow:


    RG6 vs RG11 Outside Diameter Center Conductor Maximum Distance Signal Quality Price
    RG6 Cable 6.90mm Thick 450m  Good Cheaper
    RG11 Cable 10.30mm Much Thicker 600m Less Losses

    More Expensive

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    Coaxial Cable Connectors​​​​​​​

    Coaxial cable connector
    • 01

      Good-quality coaxial cable connectors can ensure a safe connection and a stable transmission with less signal loss and low attenuation between coaxial cables and electrical devices.

    • 02
      F-type connectors are the most common and popular coaxial cable connectors that can be compatible with most coaxial cable types. . A male F connector usually stands for a plug that has a hard pin for the center conductor. A female F connector is a jack with a hole to receive the male connector’s pin. F connectors are not all the same but have different sizes for each coaxial cable type.
    • 03

      BNC connectors are a popular type CCTV cameras connector, which usually connect RG59+2DC cables to security cameras. Besides, we also provide other cable connectors including RJ45 connectors, DC connectors, etc.

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    Your Best Coaxial Cable Supplier


    New King Cable is a professional and leading cable manufacturer in China, specializing in producing electrical cables, especially coaxial cables. With advanced equipment, hard-working production crew, professional sales team, New King aims to offer best coaxial cable for sale and responsible export service to every client.



    Advanced Equipment

    Our advanced machines at workshop can help produce best coaxial cables and ensure stable productivity and on-time delivery for our clients.


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    New King provides responsible export service to help clients deal with the shipping, custom, and other export requirements.



    OEM Coaxial Cables

    OEM product service is available upon your requirements. We can make custom packages and labels for clients to develop their own brands. 

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