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A connector is an indispensable part of a cable. There are all kinds of connectors, which are compatible with different electrical cables.

DC Connector

The DC connector, also named DC plug, is a kind of electrical connector that can supply direct current power to the devices.

F Connector

The F connector stands for an F-type connector, which is known as a coaxial cable connector used for television, cable TV, satellite TV, etc. And it is usually working with RG6 or RG59 cable.

RJ45 Connector

The RJ45 connector, also called Registered Jack 45 connector, is a network interface used to connect computers to the Ethernet. It contains 8 pins and is usually compatible with twisted-pair cables for data transmission.

BNC Connector

The BNC connector refers to Bayonet Neill–Concelman. It is a coaxial RF cable that is widely used to deliver signals of video, television, or other RF equipment.
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