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How to Select the Best Quality Coaxial Cable?

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How to Select the Best Quality Coaxial Cable?

It is easy to buy coaxial cables whether at physical stores or online shops, as they are one of the most common electric cables. However, coaxial cables are not all the same. They have difference in quality due to various brands and factories. Thus, how can you select the best quality coaxial cable? Don't worry. Today, we will give you some useful tips to help you buy the best quality coaxial cable!

best quality coaxial cable


The first thing is to observe the cable surface. The outer sheath material of indoor communication cables is basically PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PE (polyethylene) is basically used as the sheath of outdoor cables. The advantages of PVC are high fire resistance, low hardness and good bending performance.The cable you choose should have smooth surface, good gloss, no protrusions, slubs, paste, scratches and scratches and other visual defects. PVC is an environmentally friendly material that you can smell it. If there is a peculiar smell, it means the material is not environmentally friendly.


Secondly, check cable meters. The surface of the cables from regular cable manufacturers will have a meter mark. It is usually a one-meter printing distance. Prepare a tape measure to measure the meter mark. If the meter mark is wrong, the meter will be inaccurate. Therefore, the cable quality will not be good because of its wrong meter mark.



Thirdly, check on-off status of the cable. Prepare a multimeter and tune it to ohm range. Place the two styluses on the inner conductor or the outer conductor at both ends of the cable. If it fails, it means that the inner conductor or outer conductor is broken midway. Finally, place a stylus on the inner conductor at one end of the cable, and another stylus on the outer conductor at the other end of the cable. If it works, it means the cable is short-circuited.


Coaxial Cable Construction

A coaxial cable consists of five basic components.


1. Central conductor: Coaxial cables runs high-frequency electricity, using the skin effect of high-frequency electricity. For cost saving, the inner conductor of the cable is generally made of copper-clad steel.


2. Insulation: The section of the insulation layer should be centered on the inner conductor. If the insulator deviates a lot from the center of the inner conductor, the cable is mostly unqualified.


3. Aluminum Foil: It is the first layer of the shielding of a coaxial cable. Generally, high-quality  aluminum foil is required to be glued to the insulating layer. What’s more, it needs to completely cover the insulating layer. The tri-shield coaxial cable also has a layer of aluminum foil outside the braided mesh. This layer of aluminum foil only needs to completely cover the braided wire instead of sticking to the braided mesh.


4.  Braided Mesh: It is the second layer of the shielding. The material of the braided mesh is usually aluminum-magnesium alloy wire. There are also tinned copper wires and bare copper, which have a higher cost. The inside of the braided mesh should be dry and free of oxidation. Quad shield coaxial cables have two layers of mesh and two layers of aluminum foil alternately covering outside the insulation layer. The mesh is usually woven by a 16-spindle braiding machine. The more strands are, the higher the weaving density will be.


5. Outer Sheath: The minimum thickness of the outer sheath should not be too small, or it will be easily to torn. And the thickness should be uniform without eccentricity.

Good-quality vs. Bad-quality PVC outer Jacket:

Where to Buy Best Quality Coaxial Cable?

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