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A Professional Cable Manufacturer Tells You How To Store Cables

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A Professional Cable Manufacturer Tells You How To Store Cables

With the widespread use of electricity in society, the demand for cables is increasing. Common cables mainly include power cables, high-temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, aluminum alloy cables, etc., They are all composed of single or multiple strands of wires and insulating layers to connect circuits and electrical appliances. 


In order to use electricity better and more safely, the choice of cables has become very important. We must not only choose high-quality cables but also choose suitable cables according to the actual applications. Thus, after buying the right cables, how should the cables be stored if we don’t use them urgently? Can they be placed randomly? What are the precautions when storing cables? In the following passages, New King Cable will show you how to store electric cables in a proper way.


1. The storage time of cables should be based on the date of production. Under normal circumstances, the storage time of cables should not exceed one and a half years. It is important to buy and use cables shortly, which can avoid affecting the protection of the insulation layer.


2. The cables should be stored regularly, according to the specifications and purchase time. Many people like to buy many kinds of cables at a time and place them randomly. So when they need to install the cables, they cannot the types they want quickly and successfully. 


3. The storage environment of cables should meet the following conditions


a. The cable should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. The suitable temperature in the warehouse is 5 to 30 ℃, and the relative humidity should not exceed 75%. Besides, you should use white paint to paint the glass of the window facing sunlight in the warehouse. This is to avoid direct sunlight that can cause the insulation layer of the cable premature aging. What is worse, there comes the danger of cable fire.


b. You should try to isolate the cables from the following substances and store them separately.

 Harmful gases that can damage the insulation layer or corrode the metal conductor;

 Acidic, alkaline, and corrosive substances.


4. Never lay the cable flat in order to avoid the wear on the insulation layer or protective cover of the cable. Otherwise, the performance of the conductor will decline. If possible, put the cables in the palletizer of the storage rack. The height of the palletizer should be 5-10 rolls. Place some sleepers under the pallets when stacking, adding wooden boards on the sleepers and two layers of moisture-proof paper. The environment should be well ventilated. At the same time, cables should be rolled regularly during the storage period. Rolling cables every 3 months in summer will be good. In other seasons, you can postpone appropriately. When rolling cables, the storage tray should be rolled down and turned up to avoid dampness and rot on the bottom.

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It is forbidden to drop wires and cables from high places during transportation. This is to avoid cracking insulation and sheath layers and damaging the electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of cables.


When loading cartons, it is prohibited to hoist multiple reels of cables at one time. During transportation, the cables must be laid flat and should be properly fixed to prevent collision or overturning. Otherwise, the outer layer or internal structure of the cables may get damaged.


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