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Foshan New King Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Our Company Introduction

Foshan New King Cable Industrial Co.,Ltd was established as a brother company of Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co.,ltd, who was founded in 1996, becoming one of the most popular coaxial and network cable manufacturers in China. Using our upgraded equipment and our brand new facility, we have increased our standards, and have doubled our production speed. The capacity of productions of 2 factories reached to 130 thousand meters per day, 5 hundred million meters per year. As an experienced manufacturer and selling enterprise, our customers are located worldwide who have known us for always offering premium products, and for our team of professionals who help make this happen. Our products are based on customers’ satisfaction. We have been certified by ROHS, CE and CPR. Our main production line: RG6, RG11,RG 58/59 and LAN cable etc. We believed quality is our core tenet; Offering 100% qualified product is our unshakable obligation and responsibility. Kexun and New King will provide a professional service, A+ quality, and competitive prices to all precious customers, becoming one of the most trustworthy suppliers in our fields.

Factory & Workshop

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Warehouse For Finished Products

With 30-year manufacturing experience, our team can offer diverse options of product such as different models, different sizes, different packing, with connectors or without connectors etc, which are available in our company.

Options For The Shipping

We strictly undertake every step of shipping including loading, booking ships, custom clearance and so on.
Empty Container

Empty Container

Cable loading

A Third

One Half of coaxial cable

One Half

Filled With coaxial cable

Fill Up

Close the Door

Close the Doorv

Affix seal

Affix seal


Test Equipment

Workshops of the factories are equipped with advanced manufacturing machines and inspection devices imported from USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan etc.
Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
Test Attenuation and Return Loss
Test material density of PE and PVC
Melt Flow Indexer
Test MFR(Melt mass-flow rate)
Weighing Devices
Measure the Weight of Various Objects
DC Low Resistance Tester
Test Conductivity
Elongation Tester
Test Elongation

Message From Chief Executive

It‘s not long neither short for a company to last for 30 years. Fortunately I have witnessed the development of Kexun and New King over last 19 years. Above all, I'd like to thank for the efforts of all my colleagues. Products have been sold all over the world and lots of great business performance has been done by our sales team once again and again. Just keep trying, keep going, not only for a better you but also for better Kexun and New King!

Team Building

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, we have organized a series of characteristic activities so that  the colleagues can leading a physically 
and mentally happy life.


All our products have got the certificates of international authority to guarantee customers the high quality.
ISO Certificate of cable manufacturer
ISO9001:2015 - NK
CE Certificate of cable manufacturer
CE Certificate - NK
CPR Certificate of cable manufacturer
CPR Certificate - NK
ROHS of cable manufacturer
Foshan New King Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel :+86-757-85225523
Tel: +86-18038811102
Fax : +86-757-85225512
Add : No.5, Zhiye Road, Songxia Industrial Park, Songgang, Shishan Town,
Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. 528234

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