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If you are looking for a good coaxial cable manufacturer and coaxial cable supplier, New King is your best choice. As an experienced and leading coaxial cable manufacturer in China, we have been manufacturing and selling various types of electric cables for 30 years, including coaxial cable, network cable, electric wires, audio cables, HDMI cables, VGA cables, speaker cables, cable connectors, etc.  
With our pricing and quality advantages, our electric cables have been supplied for lots of construction contaractors, cable wholesalers, or cable distributors from all over the world.


Satellite cables are used to transmit signals from an aerial to television, satellite TV, or other electrical devices like Outdoor CATV, CCTV systems, etc.


Camera cables also called CCTV cables or security camera cables, is used to deliver signals and powder in video surveillance system, and they need to be connected with another power source beside the security cameras.


Trunk cables refer to RG11 coaxial cable, mainly used as the main trunk line in the computer room for TV broadcasting. They have thick center conductor and shielding to carry high-frecuqency signals and resist signal interference.


Network cables also called LAN cables or twisted-pair cables, are used for networks signal transmission and mulit-line phone systems.They have maximum frequency of 500 MHz and can transmit up to 10/100/1000Mbps.


Electrical cables are used for house wiring. BV, and BVR cables are used for fixed installation for power unit with AC rated voltage 450/750V and below. RVB and RVV cables made of copper core and PVC insulation is flexible power cables used for home appliances, small electric tool, instrument, power lighting.


The F connector also called F-type connector, is a coaxial RF connector commonly used for "over the air" terrestrial television, cable television and most satellite televisions and cable modems, usually compatible with coax cables like RG-6/U cable and
RG-59/U cable.


  • Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
    As a top coaxial cable manufacturer and supplier, our factory has upgraded machines and automatical facilities, such as high-pressure nitrogen injected machines for insulation, high-speed braiding machines for shielding, and auto rolling/packing machines, etc. to help save the labor and cable cost as well as improve our production capacity and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Professional Engineers & Technicians
    Being a top coaxial cable manufacturer and supplier, we have a professional technical team to back up our production and quality control. All our engineers and technicians have outstanding ability and broad experience to solve all problems during the production and quality inspection.
  • 20 Year of Export Experience
    We are experienced in exporting electrical cables for more than 20 years. Recognized as an experienced coaxial cable supplier, we can help buyers avoid unnecessary troubles during the whole exporting process.
  • Excellent Sale Team
    As a leading coaxial cable manufacturer in China, both our sales team and post-sales team are capable of fluent English writing and speaking. They reply clients' email on time and are good at  efficient communication with clients through any kinds of online chatting applications.
  • Best Quality Guarantee
    Being a leading coaxial cable manufacturer and supplier, we only provide the best quality products for our clients by strictly focusing on the manufacturing process of every cable component including. CCS center conductor, PE foaming insulation, metal shielding mesh, outer PVC jacket, etc.
  • Affordable Product Cost
    With advanced production equipment and professional engineers, we can ensure the best quality of our product as well as offer affordable prices to help every buyer with their business.


We supply for Construction Contractor
For Construction Contractors
When a construction project requires custom-designed cables, our New King technical team  can help you figure out the right solution. We can also oversee the manufacturing process and quality testing for your industrial projects.
We supply for Coaxial Cables Wholesales
For Coaxial Cable Wholesalers
We are a direct manufacturer of coaxial cable as well as other eletric cables. A lot of cable wholesale suppliers can get best factory pricing as well as good quality 
from New King.
We supply for Coaxial Cable Distributor
For Coaxial Cable Distributors
With advanced equipment and excellent manufacture team, New King can ensure on-time delivery for a huge quantity of products. Many distributors are our clients
of long-term cooperation.
quality certificate of coaxial cable manufacturer quality certificate of coaxial cable supplier quality certificate of coaxial cable factory quality certificate of coaxial cable manufacturer


Manufacturing Experience
Export Experience


Foshan New King Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. We are one of the leading coaxial cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. 

With upgraded equipment and brand new facility, we have increased our product standards, and have doubled our production speed. The production capacity of 2 factories can reach 130 thousand meters per day and 500 million meters per year. 


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